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History of Voucher Codes

Voucher codes originally were called coupons and the first ones were used in 1888 by Coca Cola where they issued paper coupons in the US for free bottles of coca cola, its estimated that between 1894 and 1913 8.5 million bottles of coca cola were given away free of charge making it a phenomenal marketing campaign.

In 1909 1 cent coupons were issued to consumers to buy breakfast cereals.

In 1940 big chain grocery shops introduced coupons to attract consumers away from small local markets and since then grocery coupons and vouchers have allowed more than 4.6 billion dollars in savings for consumers.

1990 and the invention of the internet allowed for printable coupons and online vouchers, giving customers incentives to purchase goods from online stores.

2014 and you can source a coupon or voucher for almost anything from online stores, to restaurants and visitor attractions, the majority of vouchers are found online as well as in magazines, newspapers and marketing material.

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Why don’t all voucher codes work

When voucher codes are issued they may have an expiry date, therefore they will only work between the date they are issued to the date they expire.

Many voucher codes dont have an expiry date so these should work at all times, if they dont there may be an error with the code and sending a quick email to the company may resolve any minor problems being fixed quickly so you can use the code.

Most brands issue new codes once the previous one has expired so make sure you check for the new codes. Vouchshare will generally only show codes that are currently working, however there may be times that a code expires that they don’t know about.

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How voucher codes work

Voucher codes are issued by brands and they are uniquely generated to give customers an incentive to purchase products from their online shops.

The codes are issued by email or via a reputable source (Vouchshare), they are normally a randomly created code that can be tracked by the brands and can give you anything from money off to a discount off your entire order.

When shopping online there is normally a discount code or voucher code box which will be located on the same page as the checkout pages, these can also be called promotion codes, coupons or e-vouchers,  you would enter your code into this box and the discount is deducted from your total before you proceed to pay.

Always make sure you click the OK or ADD button so that your order attaches the discount to your basket.

Sometimes the box is not always visible and a link may need to be clicked to open the box, make sure you look all around the checkout page to locate the voucher box before paying as it will be there somewhere.

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