Make saving simple, It makes sense.

In 2007/2008 as the recession took hold, doom and gloom loomed in every daily publication, news channel and blog. The harsh reality unfolded and many people lost their jobs, businesses and lifestyles, but Britain has not been defeated. We have adapted to the hard times and become a much more savvy consumer, we refuse to pay full price and we look for deals on everyday items such as food, clothes, entertainment and home essentials. Vouchers have been around for many moons, but never have they been so prominent as in todays digital world of online shopping.

Voucher-codes and cashback sites are big business, they can be very rewarding and frustrating in the same breath. For the determined saver there is always a bargain out there if you search hard enough and have the patience of a saint. However, for the majority time is money and if they can’t find a code instantly they will proceed to abandon the cart in frustration or look at other retailers for their purchase.

What I find amazing is that retailers supply voucher codes to 3rd party websites to drive traffic but do not reward their loyal customers who arrive direct and give repeat business by making all offers and codes instantly available. This would save time and money for the consumer and provide a fantastic browsing experience, reduce cart abandonment and increase impulse buying and basket value. The consumer would remain within the retailer’s website and the sale would not be hijacked by competitors visible on Voucher and Cashback websites. When someone gets a great deal they share the website they got it from, not the retailer the item was bought from, so why not kill two birds with one stone as the saying goes.

Born out of this frustration we developed VouchShare. Our aim was “Simplicity” that’s all we wanted when shopping online and saving.

No searching, No 3rd party websites, No, expired codes, Just visit the retailer be presented with any codes or offers available on entering and at checkout, pay & save. Simple!

Watch this space, it’s coming real soon!




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